A History in Brief

AAVIP is the first not for profit association registered in Australia for the virtual assistant and virtual business industry.  It is a member driven organisation and the members of the Board are elected by the members each year.  Once a board member has served their term of office, they either nominate to become President or move off the Board for at least 2 years.  This ensures that no one person is in control of the association and makes it a true member organisation.  Members nominate to be on the board at each AGM.

The discussion to start a not for profit association for virtual assistants started at the inaugural conference for virtual assistants “VIVA” in September 2009.  As a result of this discussion and agreement that there was a need for an industry body, an inaugural committee was appointed at the conference to look at putting a consultation process together to create a constitution and register the Association.  The members of this initial group were:

  • Liz Parker
  • Lisa Walker
  • Ingrid Bayer
  • Ruth May
  • Nicola Griffiths
  • Lisa Walker
  • Peter Hodges

The aim at this meeting was to hold the first AGM of the new Association within 12 months.  This was achieved with the new association being registered in 2010.