What Does AAVIP Quality Approved Virtual Program Mean to Clients

Why you should hire a Quality Approved Virtual Business.

If a virtual assistant, home based business or virtual business has been accredited by the AAVIP Quality Approved Virtual Business Program, it means  that the business meets our Quality Approved Standards.

The AAVIP Quality Program is unique in that the program approves the business (not the individual).  The approval remains with the business for 3 years, at which time the accreditation is reviewed to ensure that the business is still operating under our approved standards.

Clients who use these quality businesses can be confident that they will access:

  • A Guarantee from the approved business that they will meet the client’s expectations (and more).
  • A client feedback system that acts on all suggestions, complaints and recommendations.
  • A professional and legal business entity that has all checks and balances in place who will deliver on their promises to the best of their ability.
  • AAVIP Quality Approved Businesses pay a fee for participating in the approval program and are required to produce evidence to support their applications.
  • In return, the quality business displays their own unique badge that identifies them as a Quality Approved Business.

The AAVIP Quality Approved Standards cover the following sections of a business:

  1. Management practices
  2. Relevant Ethical Requirements
  3. Client Relationships and Engagements
  4. Business Supply and Support
  5. Continual Improvement
  6. Complete documentation on security of information

The AAVIP Quality Approved Program does not endorse or evaluate the business’ actual products or services and these are not endorsed by AAVIP.  T

Businesses are under no obligation to apply for the Quality Business Program, and some businesses are not approved because they have not applied or sought to apply for the program.

To find a quality approved virtual business check out our online directory.  Also watch out for the following logo being displayed on the website.

Quality Virtual Business Program

Quality Virtual Business Program Logo

Current Businesses that have successfully passed the Virtual Quality Business Program 2016 and 2017:

QBP2016/06/0023 www.moneycatch.com.au Money Catch
QBP2016/06/0020 www.mivirtual.com.au MiVirtual
QBP2016/06/0021 www.avaplus.com.au Avaplus
QBP2016/06/0022 justintimevirtualassistant.com Just In Time VA
QBP2016/06/0024 www.toowoombasbusinesssolutions.com.au Toowoomba’s Business Solutions
QBP2016/06/0025 www.5elk.com.au Modekko Pty Ltd – trading as  5 Elk
 QBP2016/06/0003 www.adminaholics.com  Adminaholics