SASI Award Winner 2017 – Anthony Mills

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Jun 02
SASI Award Winner2017
The SASI award has always been a huge honour when it comes to the virtual industry in Australia. It goes to people who are able to successfully help the virtual industry in worthwhile ways. Consequently, the SASI award is often known as the virtual industry award. Announced every year, the award is a means of thanking the individuals who have worked so hard to help the digital world. Most of the recipients of the SASI awards are people who work tirelessly behind the scenes and the award is a way of giving these worthy recipients some acknowledgement.

Adminaholics are excited to announce the winner of this years SASI award.  The SASI Award was created as a way of saying, “Thank you”, to those who perform ‘Selfless Acts in Supporting the  Virtual Industry’. These acts are many and varied, and are most often performed behind-the-scenes, with no recognition, and the only goal being to benefit the industry as a whole. As a long term member of the Virtual Industry and previous recipient, Adminaholics is proud to be able to announce the winner for 2017.

We are excited to announce that the recipient of the 2017 award goes to Tony Mills.  Tony has worked tirelessly on the board of AAVIP for the last year and has contributed some fantastic support including website, social media and general online advice.  Tony also works in two businesses IT Solusenz  and Aussie VA 4 U.  Tony has gained a wealth of knowledge in the 10 years of business expanding over Website, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Live/Help sales service. He has created an ease with his clients and network and delivers a higher than expected outcome.

Thank you Tony for your commitment and service, this award is very much deserved.


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Glenyce Mills 18/06/2017

Proud of my Boy.!!!!

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