Impact VA

Buy more time in your workday with Virtual Assistance

Impact VA can assist you on an ongoing or ‘as needed’ basis in the following areas of Small Business Administration, Real Estate Administration, Executive Assistant Services and Personal Concierge.

At Impact VA my mantra is; How can I be of service to you?

My name is Claire Dalton and I have always viewed my employment as being in service to others. It’s important to me that the people I work for are doing what they do best and that their valuable time is spent growing their business and dedicating themselves to their expertise while leaving the menial tasks to me so I can do what I do best!

With a ‘can do anything’ attitude I pride myself in going above and beyond for those I work for and making an impact. As a highly organised assistant (personal, executive or virtual) my time management and multi-tasking skills are second to none making me capable of getting it done, whatever ’it’ is! With my exceptional communication skills I will work closely with you to discover what important but humble tasks have to be done for your business to keep it moving forward. Taking on a Virtual Assistant means you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with hiring an employee. You pay me for the hours I work and that’s it! And while you do what you do best, I am working in the background ensuring the cogs are turning.

I’m passionate about supporting businesses to thriving-point. Think of me as your trusted genie in a bottle…. your wish is my command. Let’s get it done!

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Claire Dalton
Victoria 3135