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Australian Virtual Industry Professionals, Australia’s FIRST Not for Profit association for virtual industry professionals, is all about YOU, our members.

The Australian Virtual Industry Professionals Limited (AVIP) is the first not for profit association registered in Australia for the virtual assistant and virtual business industry.

The Virtual Industry in Australia is an industry that is relatively new. It is vibrant, unique and gathering momentum with each passing day. Each of us have skill sets that are unique and important in the services we deliver to the ever changing Australian business landscape. Our ability to provide our clients with a professional and quality service will see the industry continue to expand.

We have the following to offer:

Australian Virtual Industry Professionals

is About Our Members

The Australian Virtual Industry Professionals (AVIP) is all about YOU our members, because we value the hard work and association of our members, who represent not only themselves, but their skill driven businesses.

AVIP offers great opportunities to its members and at this time offers different options for memberships. You can join as a full member and access all our services plus a discounted rate for the quality business program. Alternatively you can just be listed in our directory or register for the quality business program as a non-member.

Full membership offers a myriad of support, benefits and resources.

By becoming a member you will receive benefits which will connect you to a range of services and will aid in the continuing growth of AVIP as we continue to work towards improving the visibility of the virtual industry to clients and Government on your behalf.

Become a Member

We offer you great opportunities to help YOU support the industry and to improve your business. Our focus is on quality improvement both for you individually and for the Virtual Industry Profession as a whole. Your voice is heard and drives us.

Quality Business Program
Our Quality Accreditation Business Program has been created to help you build a consistent and reliable customer service that your customers will love. This is a world-first program specifically for Virtual Businesses.
There is definite freshness and vitality to what our Board members bring to the table. If you are interested in becoming part of the board or wish to receive great advice and guidance, check out our Board Members.

Are you an Australian Virtual Industry Professional?
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The Australian Virtual Industry Professionals (AVIP) Board is committed and eager to support AAVIP members. We aim to share information pertinent to the virtual industry, increase educational sessions and expand benefits to members. One of our main focuses in the coming year will be raising awareness of our unique Quality Accredited Virtual Business Program. We will also be working to broaden our membership to increase our leverage and influence for the benefit of our members.

We are also hoping to build stronger communication links with all members, network bodies and government, and are always interested in hearing from you and how we can best serve you and your business interests.

Robyn Lang - President
Robyn Lang, AAVIP President

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