AAVIP QVB Accreditation Program

Benefits Of Being Quality Accredited

Complete The Checklist

step 1
Blank checklist available for free download by all AAVIP members – financial and non-financial. Start Here and Now!

Access and Complete Workbook

Step 2
Financial full members access the checklist and workbook free of charge as part of their membership payment. The workbook includes links to extensive resources to help you in submitting for application for accreditation. Non-financial members pay a nominal fee of $47 for the completed checklist and workbook.

Pass The Full Audit

Step 3
Only those who pass a full audit are eligible to show the Quality Virtual Business badge in their documentation and online. Each badge is uniquely identified and matched to your business.

Financial full members - Cost for audit of provided resource sheets matched to documentation - $180 (three (3) payments @ $60)

Non-Financial and Non-Full Members - Cost for audit of checklist matched to documentation - $240 (three (3) payments @ $80)

This audit is for three (3) years, after which you will be required to resubmit documentation to keep updated with our accreditation system and any changes or amendments that may have taken place.