The Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals (AAVIP) is the first not for profit association registered in Australia for virtual professionals and the virtual business industry.  

AAVIP is a member driven organisation and the members of the Board are elected by the members each year. Once a board member has served their term of office, they either nominate to become President or move off the Board for at least two years. This ensures that no one person is in control of the association and makes it a true member organisation. Members nominate to be on the board at each AGM.

Our Vision

To be a Strong Voice for Virtual Industry Professionals who are Committed to Providing Quality Accredited Client Services

Our Mission

  • Promotion of the Quality Virtual Business Program to educate clients, politicians, agencies and the general public on the benefits of hiring accredited virtual businesses
  • Adherence to a Strong Communications Plan to Enhance Internal Communications and Foster Member Growth
  •  Lobbying external bodies on relevant issues facing Virtual Industry Professionals

Our Key Result Areas

  • Organisational Development
  • Quality Virtual Business Program
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Marketing the Industry
  • Representation & Lobbying

AAVIP - History in Brief

The discussion to start a not for profit association for virtual assistants started at the inaugural conference for virtual assistants "VIVA" in September 2009.  As a result of this discussion and agreement that there was a need for an industry body, an inaugural committee was appointed at the conference to look at putting a consultation process together to create a constitution and register the Association.  The members of this initial group were:

  • Liz Parker
  • Lisa Walker
  • Ingrid Bayer
  • Ruth May
  • Nicola Griffiths
  • Lisa Walker
  • Peter Hodges
  • The aim at this meeting was to hold the first AGM of the new Association within 12 months.  This was achieved with the new association being registered in 2010.

    AAVIP - Key Result Areas


    As a financial member of AAVIP you have free access until June 2022 to participate in our Quality Accredited Business Program. You receive the workbook and checklist free as part of your membership and once you have completed the workbook you are normally audited at a discounted rate but this has been waived until the end of June 2022. The audit lasts for three years and you become part of a unique mastermind group for ongoing improvements, amendments and updates. Being an accredited business will improve your business practices and improve the quality of your client services. Clients will trust you and you will be in a position to increase your rates as your credibility improves.


    Our Education Advisory Group advises the board on the content of the education program to support our Quality benchmarks for the industry. The internet makes learning easy however there are a lot of programs to choose from and some are of a much lower standard than others. Sometimes they do not deliver on the learning outcomes that you expect. Our Education Advisory Group links education to quality. Their role is to identify opportunities to improve the quality and education of virtual business owners. You can choose to be part of this group when you join.


    The marketing of a new industry is a huge task that needs a lot of time and resources to be effective. Your help in marketing our industry can take many forms and will be tailored to the level of commitment you wish to make. As a collective and united voice we can create marketing resources for all of us to promote our services. As part of this committee, you will be able to contribute ideas and suggestions to continue to develop an active marketing strategy, plans and activities. You will also learn a great deal on how to market effectively at low cost.


    There are a lot of opportunities for business to grow by accessing a range of funding or grants. As an association we have access to a full database of opportunities that our members can take advantage of. Several funding and grant sources require you to be an incorporated association in Australia to be eligible to apply. As a member of our association you can be part of a larger group to develop proposals for a range of projects and work. In the process you will be learning valuable skills in researching and developing applications. We are looking for help with not only developing grant applications but also for a range of businesses or members that can work together to deliver on projects that are successfully funded.


    AAVIP's Lobby Group provides you with an opportunity to play a part in this activity. When indicating your interest in this area, you will be provided with a kit and a training session that will teach you a few basic skills to get started. There are a range of activities that you can become involved in, either as a back office support person or as a lobbyist who can contact their local, state and federal representative. You can also nominate to represent our association on committees, councils and advisory groups.