The way to get the most out of your membership is to become more involved. You can volunteer for a very small project or ongoing, it is entirely up to you. Get more involved today by completing a form, link below.

Marketing your Industry

The marketing of a new industry is a huge task that needs a lot of time and resources to be effective. Your help in marketing our industry can take many forms and will be tailored to the level of commitment you wish to make. As a collective and united voice we can create marketing resources for all of us to promote our services. As part of this committee, you will be able to contribute ideas and suggestions to continue to develop an active marketing strategy, plans and activities. You will also learn a great deal on how to market effectively at low cost.

Grants & Funding

There are a lot of opportunities for business to grow by accessing a range of funding or grants. As an association we have access to a full database of opportunities that our members can take advantage of. Several funding and grant sources require you to be an incorporated association in Australia to be eligible to apply. As a member of our association you can be part of a larger group to develop proposals for a range of projects and work. In the process you will be learning valuable skills in researching and developing applications. If this area is of interest to you, please indicate this on your member application form. We are looking for help with not only developing grant applications but also for a range of businesses or members that can work together to deliver on projects that are successfully funded.


Our Lobby Group provides you with an opportunity to play a part in this activity. When indicating your interest in this area, you will be provided with a kit and a training session that will teach you a few basic skills to get started. There are a range of activities that you can become involved in, either as a back office support person or as a lobbyist who can contact their local, state and federal representative. You can also nominate to represent our association on committees, councils and advisory groups.