The 3 key components of an Accredited Quality Program for Virtual Assistants

The 3 key components of a Quality Program for Virtual Assistants
  1. Defined quality standards as outlined by industry leaders
  2. Ongoing communication with customers on their experience
  3. Continued quality improvement

Defining Quality Standards

The virtual business industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.  As a relatively young industry in Australia, customers are often concerned about the quality of services provided especially in regards to honesty, consistency and reliability of service.   Educating the wider business community as well as Government is an important step in the industries development in Australia.
A set of quality standards that is developed by the industry  helps in taking the industry to the next level in its aim to be a recognised, legitimate business model.

In addition,  by participating in the quality program you will demonstrate to customers the level of professionalism that is available to them when accessing your services.   Being part of a quality program enhances your systems, minimises your risk and ensures a consistency in service delivery that is based on customer needs.   The barriers often raised by customers in regard to consistency and reliability are overcome quickly and efficiently and improves the maturity of the industry as perceived by external bodies.

The AAVIP Quality Virtual Business Program was developed by a special committee of representatives across the virtual assistant industry, risk management specialists and experienced quality program participants.  The benchmarks developed were cross referenced to other similar quality programs for a range of professions and industries.  These were then discussed at length and distributed widely with feedback received and acted upon to create a quality system that enhances the delivery of virtual business services.

The aim of the quality program is to assure virtual assistants and other virtual business owners, as well as funding bodies and external interested parties, that businesses with the Quality Virtual Business Program logo are committed to ensuring their business meets the quality standards as outlined by AAVIP.

Ongoing Customer Communication

The Quality Virtual Business Program is customer-focussed.  The systems and processes that you put in place will enhance communication with your customers at all points of contact (the moments of truth).

You have a consistent approach and system for every potential customer, new customer and existing customer that will lead to more sales and longer retention of customers.  You will also have a comprehensive manual for your business that will improve the value of your business especially if your aim is to sell or franchise.

Having a set of professional policies that addresses the customer’s concerns in regards to reliability and consistency of service as well as taking the risk of purchase away from the customer will translate to more customers who stay longer with you.

Establishing a routine customer feedback system where you ask for feedback on a regular basis and then act on the outcome will help with your commitment to continually improving your customers’ experience.    A professional agreement that also educates the customer on using your service ensures that the relationship starts with the right communication.  Your professional development plan then becomes aligned to your customer needs and improves your worth to them.  Communicating regularly and well with your customers makes good business sense and this quality program provides you with the steps you need to do this well.

Continued Quality Improvement

The way to ensuring that you continue to improve in your service delivery and customer responsiveness is to create a comprehensive baseline to work from.  This point of reference helps you continually measure and improve systems, processes, policies, culture, risk management and team training.  The level of the baseline changes as you act on the customer feedback and this makes sure that your business constantly improves and develops to one that your customers bond with.

The AAVIP quality virtual business program gives you the steps you need to take to ensure you cover all parts of a well developed business.  Customers will appreciate the efforts that you take to constantly improve.  As part of the program there will be a professional review of your business every 3 years.   This more than anything else shows your customers very clearly that you are here for the long term and that they can trust you to do the right things for them.  They will see you as a business owner and a professional who is committed to their customers rather than someone who may or may not be available next week.

There are many reasons for you to participate and support this Quality Virtual Business Program but these 3 key components underpin your business structure and future success.

Liz Parker

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