Are you a Virtual Industry Professional?

Are you a Virtual Industry Professional

Do you provide assistance to your clients, in some form, from your own offices?

Do you communicate with your clients, send your invoices and promote your business, all online? Or at least mainly online?

In the past, a Virtual Professional was someone who uniquely provided administrative services from their own office. It was a hard concept for businesses to get their heads around – how do we utilise someone’s services if they don’t come in and see us?

Nowadays, however, there are a significant number of services and industries that rely heavily on, and indeed require, the internet to run their business and it’s much easier for clients to understand how that can work.

Businesses network online, they promote their business online, and using online services they share files, access off-site computers, and provide information.

Do you need to:

  • Go to someone’s office to have some artwork redesigned?
  • Does your bookkeeper need to visit you onsite every time you need bookwork done?
  • Do you need to sit beside your transcriptionist as they type your thoughts and notes?

Not anymore!

Rosie Shilo one of our VA Industry gurus has come to see, through her experience both managing her own business and mentoring and assisting many Virtual Assistants (VAs), shares this insight:, “I’ve come to realise that there are VAs who specialise in business administrative support, mainly behind the scenes, and there are Virtual Industry Professionals who may offer other services that are not all behind the scenes. There is often some overlap between the two, as every provider brings different skills and services to the table.”

Most Virtually Yours VAs could also be called Virtual Industry Professionals. They provide exceptional Social Media support, Bookkeeping, IT support, SEO and Website design and management, Author Support, Speaker Support, Event Management, Copywriting, Editing, Marketing, Human Relations, Legal Secretarial, Video Editing… and the list goes on.

Are you a Virtual Assistant, or a Virtual Industry Professional?  Then we need to hear from you, it’s time to come out of the woodwork, and stake your claim with AAVIP.  We are here to help and network with you.

Our desire is to offer a place where you can grow, and be nurtured as you continue to grow your business and flourish with your clients.

AAVIP is serious about networking with you and offers the chance to be resourced and networked.

We hope you test the waters with our VBIB Conference and feel the effect of being part of this ever widening virtual world we are in.

Hope to see you there and on our members page.

So think about it – are YOU a Virtual Industry Professional?

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