5 things that Businesses Overlook in a Management System

Good Business Supply And Support Management

Supply and support are often trivialized when employers become busy in daily operations. However, having a management system for the same is important. It can also help you to get accreditation and, ultimately win more clients.

Here are some things A Good Business Supply And Support Management System Can Do For You

1. Selecting The Right People To Supply Service

Build a reliable and capable team around you and your business. Your team may consist of – accountants, lawyers, writers, web developers, trainers, etc.
Keep their contacts with you at a place easy to access, like on your desktop. You will be able to contact them at a short notice and service clients even when your time is occupied.

2. Customer Service Plan

Make specific plans on how to

  • contact customers
  • support customers
  • listen to and answer grievances
  • provide service, etc.

Make sure you also have a system for remote service delivery.

3. Social Profile

Having a strong profile of who you are, what you do, a list of happy clients on your website and LinkedIn profile. Networking can improve your client base and reputation in business.
Make sure to include your website’s URL in your LinkedIn page and vice versa.

4. What To Do When Support And Supply Fails

Identify the areas of your business where there can be vulnerabilities well beforehand. For example, if a disaster occurs and you are unable to access anything, what will you do? You need to make a plan for escape, a plan for repair and how you would conduct business when everything settles down. Prepare a chart and display the same when you are reviewed for accreditation.

5. Suitable Support Networks

Join organizations and networks where you will have access to peer support. Examples of such networks are 121 Temps, Virtually Yours and AVAA (Australian Virtual Assistants Association) and AAVIP. During accreditation, you will need to provide the details of organizations of which you are a financial member.

With the above tips, you will be able to improve the supply and chain management system of your business. It will also help in the accreditation process.

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