Outsourcing – Is Your Virtual Business Riding the Wave?

Outsourcing – Is Your Virtual Business Riding the Wave

The outsourcing economy in Australia has witnessed a tremendous revolution in recent times. Many businesses in Australia are joining the global rush to outsourcing and it would seem this trend is here to stay.

It is no longer business as usual in the business world. Advancement in technology coupled with the proliferation of third-party service providers and professionals in the freelance industry has made outsourcing an attractive tool for many companies. Thanks to outsourcing, it has become relatively easy for business owners to access skills and expertise that were previously unattainable. With just a click of a button, you can connect and outsource jobs to skilled professionals within and outside Australia.

The surge in outsourcing has been helped by the uncertainty and volatility of the Australian economy, as more and more businesses are beginning to come to terms with the new and sustainable solutions offered by the outsourcing market to achieve operational efficiencies while maintaining or increasing quality. The trend can also be attributed to the massive increase in the demand for technical talents and expertise, particularly in service-based niches like IT, human resources, recruitment and finance. Interestingly, this revolution has also expanded to non-tech jobs like jobs like car cleaning, dog walking, book keeping, writing, transcription, etc.

As a virtual industry professional, there’s no time like the present to promote your services.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

To most people, outsourcing is simply a cost-cutting business model that can be used to reduce overhead costs. Although this is true, it’s only one of the many reasons why businesses can benefit from outsourcing. Other benefits include:

  • Scalability: Outsourcing offers you access to experiences and skills that may not be attainable internally. This will afford your in-house talents (staffs) the opportunity to focus on what they are good at and not be distracted by activities that can be delivered by someone else. This will, in turn, help your company to scale faster and operate more efficiently.
  • Low entry cost: By integrating the outsourcing business model into your business, you will be able to break into crowded niches at the lowest costs possible. For instance, you could outsource the web related aspects of your jobs, thus eliminating the need for you to invest in niche tools, project management tools, social media management tools, and other web management tools.
  • Access to technology: The outsourcing world affords you the privilege to access advanced business and IT tools that you might otherwise not be able to provide yourself.
  • Flexibility: Outsourcing allows you to bring in new development trends or approaches from offshore locations. This will assist you in freeing backend tasks that are critical to the effective running of your virtual business.
  • Brings your service closer to end users: By outsourcing, you will be able to take your virtual business closer to potential clients. This will then help you to expand your business and gain access to new market areas.

How can Businesses Start?

For businesses, once they understand the potentials of outsourcing, the next question is – where and what do I need to start? The first question to address is

What tasks or services (specifically) do I need to outsource?

Businesses should start the process by considering outsourcing tasks such as various administration tasks, social media posting, website management, accounting, transcription/translation or article writing. They can test the suitability of outsourcing for their business and begin to understand other potential wins of outsourcing by building a relationship with a Virtual Business/Assistant.

Once businesses have assessed their needs it’s far easier to search specifically for a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Business that can fulfill this need. AAVIP has a directory of it’s members which provides information on the services of our member VIP’s (Virtual Industry Professionals).

An Accredited Virtual Business

AAVIP offers an Accreditation to Virtual Businesses. This Quality Business Program is unique as it audits the Virtual Business, not the owner / employee. If a virtual assistant, home based business or virtual business has been accredited by the AAVIP Quality Approved Virtual Business Program, it means that the business meets our Quality Approved Standards. As a business looking to outsource – see what this could men to your business. And here is our Business directory of Quality Accredited Virtual Businesses.

For more information on becoming accredited  – read further.


Every business, irrespective of the size or type, can utilize the outsourcing business model to scale. To leverage your opportunity in this market,research your target market’s needs and tie them to your services.

Outsourcing has revolutionized the way businesses are run in the digital age. So don’t miss the wave!

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