Pivot your VA business through Covid-19 Coronavirus.

In these times of uncertainty, we are all feeling the stress and anxiety of what is to happen over the coming months. So lets take control of what we can control and work out some ways and things to do to pivot your business so that you can come out the otherside of Covid-19 with a stronger and more viable business.

During the webinar we heard from:

Susan Wilkin – President, AAVIP
Ingrid Bayer – Director, VA Institute
Liz Parker – Director, 121 Temps and VA Placements
Rosie Shilo, Director, Virtually Yours
Kathie Thomas, Director, VA Directory

These amazing women have been instrumental in building a strong VA industry in Australia and between them they have over 75 years experience. We discussed:
– Long term outlooks
– Expanding markets
– Targeted Marketing
– Just ask; how you can help?
– Transferable skills and skill demands for the future
– Planning for a recession
– ABC – Act, Barter and Collaborate
– Volunteer and look for opportunities as a speaker or guest blogger so people Know, Like and Trust you.
– Cut yourself some slack, this is happening to everyone.
– Review expenses – subscriptions, Insurance, software
– This will pass, it will be up to you to be ready for AC (After Covid)

Plus so much more!

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