Improving Client Relationship Management Can Help Your Business

Client Relationship Management

Client relationship management is one of the key factors that will help in retaining clients and will help you maintain a steady flow of business. But how do you create a proper client relationship management system? 1. Establishing a Working Relationship Every business director should put in place a system that establishes a scope of […]

Latest trends in technology for remote workers

Latest Trends in Technology for Remote Workers

Virtual professionals and assistants are changing the landscape of traditional office work management. Working from home or as a freelancer is a trend which is experiencing phenomenal growth. It’s convenient for both the employers and the professionals. Here are some of the latest technology tools which are increasing performance, efficiency and productivity of the virtual […]

Have you checked out Trello?

Have you checked out Trello

Running a business means managing a lot of data and one place I don’t like to store my data is in my head! I’m a very visual person and I have been searching years for the right kind of project management and CRM program that allows me to see what I want to see. I’ve recently discovered Trello! […]

Taking care of Business through the Christmas Period!

It’s Christmas time, and your life is crazy right? If you’re anything like me, tending your business, clients and the family juggle, it will feel like you only recently began the year with your ‘January’ 2014 plan. Now you are putting the Christmas tree up, organizing Christmas events for your clients, running your kids around to […]