Latest trends in technology for remote workers

Latest Trends in Technology for Remote Workers

Virtual professionals and assistants are changing the landscape of traditional office work management. Working from home or as a freelancer is a trend which is experiencing phenomenal growth. It’s convenient for both the employers and the professionals. Here are some of the latest technology tools which are increasing performance, efficiency and productivity of the virtual workers.


Working from home does not mean that you cannot maintain your work hours. Toggl is an application which can keep track of the number of hours you work. You can manage your working hours as well as breaks with this. When you sit down to work, you can press the log in button. This way you can devote adequate time to every project that you have undertaken.


This is a very useful application because it allows you to store notes, research work and to-do lists in one place. You can also share this information with the other members of the team. This application allows you to take your work with you anywhere.


This technology is available on all platforms like Mac, Android and Windows. This unique program provides task management facility by displaying in a dashboard format, the project completion notes, meeting schedule, emails and conversation streams. This is a very important tool for virtual team members because they can keep track of each other’s progress on a daily basis and can communicate among themselves as well as with the clients through this platform.

Google Hangouts

This program from Google allows you to hold a conference with as many as 10 people at a time from any location. It has a very good sound and video quality which gives you the feel of a face-to-face conversation. Freelancers can make use of this program for keeping in touch with their contractors and team members.

Bitrix 24

This is also a task management tool but it has social media integration too which allows team members to interact about their work and share documents. Projects can be managed on this platform and colleagues can send tokens or badges to each other as an appreciation of their work. Collaboration between team members is facilitated along with Customer Relationship Management.

These are just some of the applications and programs which can make the process of remote working or virtual assistance smooth and efficient. Maybe one of these will increase your work performance and the quality of your service. We’d love to hear about it.

I’m sure we’ve missed many favourite systems that you use! So please – tell us about them here….

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  1. I have been using FreshBooks for estimates, invoicing and time tracking for years now – all-in-one solution, able to create an invoice directly from your time log with detailed project and task info.

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