Turn your clients into raving fans by providing great customer service

Turn your Clients into Raving Fans by Providing Great Customer Service

As a virtual assistant or professional, your job is to utilize your skills and expertise to make your customer’s work load lighter. Clients require and expect a great deal from their VA’s. It is important to meet their expectations and provide a high quality service so that they keep coming back to you with different assignments. Here are some ways in which you can provide great customer service.

Increase the number of services you offer

Generally, virtual professionals deal with many tasks. To name a few – ¬†data collection and organization, writing content for the client’s website or product descriptions, managing social media brand promotion for the company, maintaining account books and providing assistance in project management and completion. Training may be required to allow you to serve your client better. Give your client a one stop solution for all their requirements.

Provide what the client wants (and more!)

It is important to clearly understand what the client requires so that you can deliver accordingly. For this purpose, you should ask your client to provide detailed instructions for the task. If you have any doubt, you should contact them again to get it clarified rather than making a mistake and rectifying it later. You can seek your client’s feedback in order to improve your skills, being open to this increases your clients confidence in your work.

Deliver on time!

Help your client in starting up a new business by managing his extra work load and submitting assignments on time. Time management is a very crucial factor in any business. Your value automatically increases if you are able to deliver projects in a timely fashion. Your reliability is the biggest asset you have. If, for any reason your deadline is not achievable – keep you client informed and decide together how to resolve the situation.

Use technology

You need to be tech-savvy because the field of remote work depends entirely on the use of your skills coupled with technology. Making use of modern applications like Asana, Evernote, Google Hangouts, Dropbox and other such programs can help your client to connect with you faster and keep a track of your progress. Using such applications increases your speed of working and makes the process more streamlined. If you are available on multiple digital platforms, clients are likely to opt for your services.

Remember that the client is always right. To serve them better, be open to suggestions and make modifications according to requirements. By saving the client time and money, and providing outstanding service you can have raving fans, not just customers.

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