SASI Award Winner 2017 – Anthony Mills

SASI Award Winner2017

The SASI award has always been a huge honour when it comes to the virtual industry in Australia. It goes to people who are able to successfully help the virtual industry in worthwhile ways. Consequently, the SASI award is often known as the virtual industry award. Announced every year, the award is a means of […]

Managing your Business over the Holidays

Managing your Business over the Holidays

The holidays should be a time for you to relax. Even if you are the busy owner of a hopping business, you still could use the holiday time to regroup and unwind. But who can keep up with your office work over the holidays? As Virtual Industry Professionals, we tend to like to do everything […]

Who can join AAVIP?

Any individual, business or sponsor who is interested in developing or supporting the virtual and home-based industries in Australia. The definition of a virtual business is a business that provides the majority of their services and/or products over the internet.  The definition of a home-based business is someone who operates their business from their home. […]