The Art of saying NO!

The Art Of Saying NO

The Art of saying NO!

The challenge that most service based, home based, business owners have is saying NO!

The Art Of Saying NO

Being in a service based business means catering to the needs and requests of others and this will mean that you are often asked to do tasks outside of what is in your ‘product offering’.

Lots of times right? And…. You don’t charge any extra and before you know it, clients feel like they can ask you for these ‘extras’ as a part of their normal package because you have never said no. Now you are doing a lot of unpaid work, but how can you possibly tell that to your clients…..

But it doesn’t stop there.

You are working from home so many people in your circle of friends and family think that it means you are just hanging around home, waiting for their call to meet them for coffee on THEIR day off or that you can just nip up to the school and do the cafeteria duty, because you don’t have a ‘job’, you are ‘free’…..

Free as a Bird

Free as a Bird

How often are you prioritising what you need to do and taking control on your time – by saying no – rather than simply saying yes?

I find that most people who are in a service based business are givers. That is they like to help others. Now, this is a fantastic trait, but just with any trait, it is a double edged sword. Although this is a great person to be the other side of the sword means that you are often too fast to volunteer your services, offer your help or put off your things to help someone else with things they need done.

Are you the dependable friend? You know, the one that no matter what is happening you can drop everything to help your friend out? Hmmmmm…. Get the feeling that I know you a bit too well?

Just like saying no to your kids every now and then is good for them, it is also good for your friends, clients and family for you to say no to them as well.

I have always struggled saying no because I didn’t know how to do it without sounding rude. Also how do I say no without feeling guilty? I, by no means, am ‘cured’ of saying no without guilt and I often fall off the wagon saying yes when I really should be saying no.

 Say NO

So, I’m not hear to preach to you today on saying no, but I just wonder if this week, maybe just once, you could say that very little word . . . . just once?

I mean in the end, it is just an N and O put together, right?

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