Privacy Awareness Week 2016

privacy awareness week

It is in the best interest of every business to have a Privacy Policy for their Unique Business written around the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) which are part of the Australian Privacy Act 2008.

Please visit this link to start to familiarise your selves with the CORRECT Privacy procedures.

When a business collects any personal information from their clients for example; Newsletter Subscription, requiring the clients name and email address to be recorded and for any reason this information is disclosed to an incorrect party (by either your business or a business you have contracted to, in Australia or overseas) you and /or your business could be liable to hefty fines and legal action.

Privacy can be a complex issue and your business needs to be protected under legislation. If your business doesn’t have a Unique Business Privacy Policy written around the Australian Privacy Principles and the Australian Privacy Act, please contact Deb at [email protected] for help.

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