Why People Buy

Why People Buy - 3 Tips to Build Trust with Potential Buyers

3 Tips to Build Trust with Potential Buyers

Building a business involves much more than creating a great product or service. Bringing the business to market is a whole separate ballgame, one in which customer psychology is as good a rule book as you can get. Advertising and promoting are important parts of the game as well, but are also touched by customer psychology. Understanding why people buy is vital if you want to make good decisions about how to sell to them.

These days, when so much buying is done online, it is useful to note that walk-by buyers are not the most common type out there. It might be possible to get some sales from people attracted by just the right ad, or just the right deal, but most of your customers will be coming to you because they are already in the market for what you offer. What you are trying to do is not convince them to buy, as much as it is to convince them to buy from you.

Being transparent about how your product came to be or how you came to offer your services can help buyers feel comfortable choosing you to fill their needs. By telling the story of your product or service, you are involving them in a narrative they can take away with their purchase. If yours is an interesting story to feel good about, make sure you put it out there as part of your branding, where it can encourage sales. Buyers like their hard earned money to go to others who work hard, never be afraid of revealing humble beginnings.

With all that said, do not get carried away thinking the sale is all about you. The opposite is closer to the truth. Make sure you expend ample energy to make it clear what you can do for your buyer, because that will really interest them the most. Find out about your customers, and directly address how what you offer will affect them, improve their lives or work or future, and if you are offering something they need for a price they think is fair for the quality, the sales will ring through again and again.

Don’t be tempted to think of your customers as “sheeple”, but do be aware of the influence previous buyers can have in supporting your credibility. Consider approaching satisfied customers with special offers in exchange for testimonials you can add to your advertising material or website. Genuine feedback from previous clients can give some buyers the confidence to make a purchase themselves.

People are happy to buy things they need at a price they think is fair, when they can afford it. Always be thinking of your customers as people, not just as wallets, to make sure you can connect your message best to what they require.

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