Why an Association for Virtual Assistants and Virtual Businesses?

Why an Association?

The Virtual Industry in Australia is an industry that is relatively new.  It is vibrant, unique and gathering momentum with each passing day.  Each of us have skill sets that are unique and important in the services we deliver to the ever changing Australian business landscape.  Our ability to provide our clients with a professional and quality service will see the industry continue to expand.

We rely on the strengths of our industry to see us reach our full potential as an industry and help Australian SMEs reach their full potential.


The not for profit Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals will serve the industry by being the voice of the industry.  The Association has been created to serve its members by way of lobbying and advocating at a local, state and federal level on issues that directly affect us.  It will promote the industry as a whole to businesses in Australia so that there is an awareness and understanding of what we can deliver, and what is available within our own borders.

A major focus of AAVIP is also to establish Australian based quality standards for the Virtual Industry.  These will be something that will set our industry apart and build credibility within the Australian business community.

The mere fact that we are small business owners and, as such, entrepreneurs in our own right sets us apart from others.  The wealth of talent that our Industry represents is enormous.

By choosing to become a part of AAVIP, you are joining an association which has your interests at heart.  You will also have an opportunity to participate in building the Virtual Industry.  It is your Association run by you – its community of members.

By being represented as a united voice, we will be heard and in doing so, we can and will achieve great things as an outward looking, forward thinking, vibrant and fresh Industry.

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