Privacy! It’s Your Business!

Privacy It's Your Business

Recently there have been a number of widely publicised changes to the way in which private information is handled by companies in Australia.

All websites should have a Privacy Policy, even if you do not require visitors to register, provide content or offer them any goods or services. All web servers collect information regarding the PC’s which access them, your Privacy Policy discusses what you do with that type of content. If you do offer registration and other services or products, then the Privacy Policy can be drafted to include your use of such information.

The ACCC is planning to rein in sites which have no warranty policy, or one they copied from a rival site without understanding its implications. It is vital you use a correctly written Website Privacy Policy and Website Terms and Conditions on your website.

A well drafted website privacy policy will help your customers or users understand what information you store and give them the confidence to use your website knowing how any information that they provide will be used. Your website privacy policy should be accessible from all pages on your website via a link in the footer of your page. And can also be added to any form where a client enters information.

Reasons to Follow Privacy Guidelines

As a virtual professional, your small business obviously relies on customers. One of the most effective means of establishing and maintaining that trust is through the strict adherence to the kind of privacy guidelines your customers are going to demand of you. It is crucial to appreciate the idea that such guidelines will serve as the foundation of your credibility, in addition to exceptional customer service, and fantastic products/services.

Building Credibility and Trust With Clients

With more and more instances of identity theft, consumers are struggling to even trust major online retailers like Amazon. For a virtual professional like yourself, this fact means that establishing your credibility is more challenging now than ever before. However, by understanding the current APP guidelines, as well as how they were meant to replace the NPP guidelines, things can become a good deal more straightforward.

Creating accountable guidelines can go a long way towards facilitating trust between yourself and your customers. When customers come to you for your goods and services, privacy guidelines should accomplish the following:

  • The items of personal information that are being collected.
  • Whether or not sensitive information is being taken.
  • Whether or not the personal information is going to be shared with 3rd parties.
  • Whether or not the information is going to be shared with parties in other countries.
  • The ways in which the information will be utilized.
  • The ways in which the information with be stored and managed.
  • Whether or not the personal information can be accessed and changed. If the answer is yes, then how will the client be able to do these things?
  • How the consumer can make a complaint regarding their privacy.
  • Also other things to consider;
  • Protecting client information
  • Protecting your Brand and Business
  • Benefits of opt-in and registering as a APP partner

By Deb Shepherd – Learn By Degrees

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