Quality Virtual Business Program

Quality Virtual Business Program

For Virtual Assistants and Virtual Business Owners to demonstrate their commitment to running a proven quality business that results in a high quality level of client services.


The Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals Ltd is the first not-for-profit Australian association looking after the interests of virtual assistants and other home-based businesses in Australia.

The Objects of the Association:

  1. Representation and Lobbying To support research activity designed to improve or substantiate the development of virtual industries.
  2. Marketing of the industry. To promote ongoing professional development which facilitates excellence in the delivery of virtual services and includes professional accountability. Setting quality benchmark standards for the industry.

The Quality Virtual Business Program was developed as part of a wide consultation process within the industry. Representatives from all areas of the industry were included in the consultation process.

The Quality Virtual Business Program helps the Association meet its objects of promoting ongoing professional development and setting quality benchmark standards for the industry.

Model of path to Accreditation

  1. Vanilla checklist available for free download by all AAVIP members. [download from Shop]
  2. Financial members access the checklist and workbook free of charge as part of their membership payment.
  3. Non-financial members pay a nominal fee of $47 for the complete checklist and workbook.
  4. Only those who pass a full audit are eligible to show the Quality Virtual Business badge in their documentation and online.  The logo has an individual identifying number to prove currency and authenticity.


  1. An audited Quality Accredited Virtual Business will receive the AAVIP Accreditation Certificate in the form of an electronic logo or badge, with link to the AAVIP dedicated page explaining the Accreditation process and what it entailed for the business.
  2. The Quality Accredited Virtual Business will be listed in the AAVIP Quality Program Directory for 2 years.
  3. The accreditation will be reviewed in 2 years to ensure that the business is still eligible to be listed in the directory and a renewal of the badge will be issued.
  4. The accredited business’ owner will be eligible to be admitted into the Accreditation Mastermind Group which is held each year in conjunction with the AAVIP AGM. This meeting is for the purpose of discussing the continuous improvement of the resources that support the quality business checklist. The meeting is facilitated by approved auditors.

To access the resources mentioned – visit our online shop.

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