How my business is Growing through the essentials of Quality Business

How my business is Growing through the essentials of Quality Business

It’s a crazy thing to take a leap of faith; when you tend to be cautious and hold back in life and in business.  Confidence is something I have had to battle in both my personal and business life. For me, taking that step to do The Quality Accreditation has turned that around.

For some five years of my business life, I have bounced around between “am I good enough?” to “what could I have done better in my business processes and quality control?”  Stabbing in the dark…. does that sound familiar?

Many of us have had years of valuable experience in corporate and work life. We’ve envied the ‘boss’ and the apparent freedom that comes with owning and running a business. So, now we’ve decided to be our own boss. But, there are so many loose ends that need tying off and straightening up.  There are many unforeseen probabilities that can trip you up and hold you back from ‘getting there’.   It can be that tiny little-unfinished start that rolls into a mountain of problems or time-consuming variables down the track.

So, l like probably most of you, joined a thousand different groups and forums and chat groups.  Although I have been able to exchange great ideas and problem-solve this served to confuse me more with my business practice and Quality.

Why?  Not because I joined the wrong groups.  Not because or listened to the wrong people.  Because I have had to learn ownership of my business. Own the value of my business and own the value that it brings to my fantastic clients.  So yes, be part of those great forums.  Be part of networking values among your professional peers but always make sure you have Quality in your business structure.

Now that I have successfully completed the Quality Business Programme I strongly recommend it.  If you are either starting out or contemplating starting your own Virtual or home-based business. Invest in your business by taking up this Quality Business Programme.



How to safeguard my business and bring a safer service to my clients.  I understand the value that my business now brings even more to my clients. There is a safeguard put in place to enable my business to perform at a better standard.  My clients can have ease of mind knowing they have engaged the services of a professional business.

Marketing escalates

When people are researching you and your business, they will discover there is a double standard of excellence they can rely on.  They will know that, not only have they checked out the Virtual Assistant running and working in the business but, they can see the business they are engaging is Quality endorsed.

Tying up those loose ends

We get so busy in our business but I can say now that I have peace of mind knowing that those ‘little’ things are done and dusted.  It’s an unsettling feeling when you know there are certain practices or ‘items’ which need attending to in the background and they are so easily put off while you work the front end of your business.

Higher Standards

It is with great relief I can get on with my business activities. Now that I have completed the requirements and taken care of those things we tend to ignore due to lack of time.  This is has forced me to stop and attend to the back end of things, tying up loose ends and finalising certain aspects of quality in my business that have held me back.

Increased networking

Collaborating with other business owners who also have gone through this process has brought new contacts, friendships and business colleagues.  We communicate and share our business life in a different way than I have experienced in the past.


I know that my business is Quality Approved.   I have put in the hard yards to put these practices into place.  To see my badge on my signatures website and marketing tools gives me the confidence to say “yes” and close the deal.  It’s through the confidence and knowledge which I have now gained.  It is an interesting journey when you hear other colleagues going through the Quality process and say things like “I’ve been I business for many years and didn’t realise that I had not but XYZ in place” or, “Hey I haven’t got some of this stuff up and running yet.”

Business Growth

As I approached the last few steps of the Quality Programme and receiving my badge my business has grew.  I am now closing the deal with clients at a faster rate than I have before.  Why?  Because I now have the confidence I didn’t have before.  I am confidently taking ownership of my business practices; attending to those loose ends.

As president of the AAVIP Board for 2015-2017, It is with great pleasure and professional satisfaction that I bring this experience of what Quality Business programme has done for me personally and my business.  It has been an honour to be part of the pilot programme through this process and to watch other business strengthen in this journey.  I am so excited to be a part of AAVIP’s unique programme which accredits not the person but the business itself. It’s not merely the Virtual Professional who is accredited or a reference check, it is a Quality business Programme endorsing and qualifying your Business.

Would you like this peace of mind for your business too? Join the AAVIP Quality Business Program today.

To your success!

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