Taking the time to pulse check your Virtual Business

Taking the time to pulse check your Virtual Business

So you’ve made the leap and started your own business and you have your first few clients/pieces of work for a new client and things are going great. You’re run off your feet and what an awesome challenge to have. The thing is, when we start to get busy there are things we forget to check that we have in place because – let’s face it – we may not have time to back-track and go and review our systems and processes.

For the most-part your it will be ok and you address it as you need to but wouldn’t it be awesome to have everything in place from the get-go, before it is a necessity?

What about when things get to that next level and you might need to bring on an employee or an independent contractor? In this situation there are many things we soon realise we need, from a compliance perspective….

Where do we even begin?

This is where The Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals (AAVIP) comes into play, and their incredible ‘Quality (Virtual) Business Program’.

This program, as noted in the blog “The 3 Key Components of an Accredited Quality Program for Virtual Assistants”, was developed by a specialised committee within the VA industry and aims to assure virtual business owners are committed to ensuring their business meets the quality standards, as outlined by AAVIP.

From a personal experience, my business – MiVirtual, has recently commenced an Audit through this cutting-edge process. It is being conducted by an accredited auditor and it has been a really exciting experience, with a great deal of valuable learnings with direct benefit to my business.

It has stages and checklists with constructive feedback to ensure that my business is ticking all the boxes in various areas:

  • Correct business structure set-up
  • Client Engagement
  • Policies and Processes related to client work
  • Independent Contractor Engagement

If you think this would benefit your business I strongly encourage you to check it out!


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